Creating Safer Spaces



Our aim is to create healthier and safer spaces through innovative virus-killing anti-microbial technologies. 

Organisations that work with us can be validated as a Safer Space® which shows that you have used effective solutions to protect surfaces, equipment, clothing and masks and the air that is breathed. We do this in three ways:

- Hands: coating contact surfaces and clothing with Nanospike,

- Faces: coating masks with Nanospike,

- Spaces: filtering air with Wellisair.

This three-pronged approach creates a triangle of safety delivering a better level of protection for the people in your environment and reduce SARS-COV-2 - Covid-19 transmission.  

Nanospike is authorised to accredit a premise as a certified Safer Space®. By implementing a ‘Safer Space’, your employees and customers will have greater confidence and will help stop the spread of the Virus. 


Nanospike coating is a very thin layer of extremely small (nano) spikes that penetrate any virus or bacteria with which it comes into contact, thus destroying them. It adheres to and bonds with almost any surface whether porous or non porous, metal, leather, fabric, glass, wood. Unlike normal disinfectant which is compromised once touched, it will keep on working for up to 90 days. Applied using an electrostatic applicator which gives a uniform coating on sprayed objects, including hard to reach areas that manual cleaning can miss, it is extremely effective in both high and low density traffic areas.

This technology is accredited by Safer Space® and conforms to EN14475 and ISO21702 standards.


HANDS: Surface protection

Nanospike uses an electrostatically applied anti-microbial coating that turns any surface into inhospitable environments for viruses and bacteria. 

Entire rooms and high touch-points  can be coated to provide long-lasting protection in all types of commercial premises and public spaces.

Examples of application include: 

Floors & Walls ✓ Door Handles & Light Switches ✓ Handrails ✓ Wall & Power Sockets ✓ Sinks & Taps ✓ Toilets ✓ Soap Dispensers & Hand Driers ✓ Bins ✓ Coffee Machines ✓ Counters & Bar Taps ✓ Lift Buttons & Key Pads ✓ Touch Screens ✓ Shopping Baskets ✓ Pens (signing track and trace) ✓ Phone Cases ✓ Credit Card Machines ✓ Glasses & Sunglasses ✓ Medical equipment ✓ Furniture – soft & hard surfaces ✓ Protective screens ✓ Appliances ✓ Sporting and exercise equipment ✓

Uniforms, workwear and other clothing are also high touch items. We can coat your clothing with nanospike technology and it will also last up to 50 washes.

Our fully trained and certified team will apply the treatment. This protective layer is not removed by regular commercial cleaning or disinfecting, thus providing an additional layer of safety and confidence between cleaning cycles. Unlike disinfectant, Nanospike's treatment continue to work even after being touched for up to 90 days. They are designed to work in conjunction with your usual cleaning regime to create an inhospitable environment for germs, bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus.


FACE: Brandable Anti-microbial Masks

The Nanospike Face Masks are three-layer sublimated face masks with Nanospike's anti-microbial coating to keep you safe and help prevent the spread of infections such as Coronavirus. 

The anti-microbial coating provides the wearer with additional protection when putting on or taking it off as well as others when breathing out through the mask. The coating on the mask will last for 50 wash cycles.

Our Nanospike Face Masks can be supplied in plain colours or branded to help get your business, organisation or message noticed.

We are also able to apply Nanospike anti-microbial coating to masks that you already have manufactured by other suppliers.


SPACES: Wellisair Purifier

Nanospike has partnered with Wellisair to provide the best solution to clean, sanitise and purify the air in any indoor area.  It uses patented technology and process that imitates nature, removing 99.9% of all hazardous particles and microbes.

The advanced technology works by producing expanded hydroxyl radicals (OH).  They eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens, moulds, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 99.9% by a process of oxidation. 

The Nanospike Wellisair Purifier is a compact and very efficient device.  It is ideal for environments where air is recirculated, including doctors’ surgeries, care homes, spas and health centres, educational facilities, offices and retail.


Safer Space®

Nanospike exists to provide businesses with confidence that they have taken the steps necessary to create a safer environment. Any premises which combines the coating with a rigorous cleaning and sanitising regime will be eligible to register with Safer Space® , and independent surface protection registry. Your premises will be listed on the registry as meeting the benchmark for a clean and safer environment. You can display this accreditation on your premises with a variety of stickers and a banner/link for your website.

The long-term protection can be checked at any time with our antimicrobial testing kits to ensure that the coating is still effective.

Nanospike is authorised to accredit a premise as a certified Safer Space®


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