• Richard Derham

Wimbledon Common Golf Club

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Wimbledon Common Golf Club in south-west London has become the latest golf club to use our revolutionary technology to provide an extra layer of corona virus protection to its members, staff and visitors.

Nanospike uses an advanced antimicrobial surface coating which can be applied to virtually any surface including equipment, furniture and touchpoints. It creates an inhospitable environment for viruses and bacteria by impaling them on microscopic nanospikes, which penetrate and destroy cell membranes. The treatment lasts for up to ninety days, and is not affected by the regular cleaning cycle; in fact, only abrasion will remove it.

Emma Pope, the General Manager or Wimbledon Common Golf Club said: “We have taken every step we can to ensure that our club house is a safer space, and this seemed a logical extra level. We got the whole bar area treated; the process was very simple and it dried quickly. The coating is so thin you can’t actually see it’s there.”

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