• Richard Derham


Updated: Sep 28, 2020

PhotoRed is a leading commercial photographer based in Southampton. Keen to make a Safer Space for their clients and staff, we firstly dusted, cleaned and sanitised the areas and objects to which the coating would be applied and then sprayed the following with the anti-microbial coating:

  1. All door handles throughout including the front door & inner glass door

  2. All power sockets & light switches

  3. Surface of the high bench & table in the reception area

  4. Soft chairs in the reception area

  5. Surface of the cabinet in the main studio

  6. All of the kitchen surfaces, sink & taps & coffee machine

  7. All of the handles on the kitchen cabinets including the Microwave

  8. The sink & taps in the cloakroom

  9. The whole of the toilet including toilet seat, toilet bowl and flush mechanism

The coating will last for up to 90 days; as the environment is a low density touch environment we expect this application to give them the full 3-month protection.

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